Art scene in Monaco: Goypa exhibited in the Riviera Palace

Art scene in Monaco: Goypa exhibited in the Riviera Palace
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Attractive meeting of the art scene in a maritime atmosphere: because last week the Gallery Of Young Polish Art, Goypa for short, exhibited coveted works of art in Monaco.

The location was the famous conservatory of the Riviera Palace, the local partner was the Monegasque law firm Marcon & Associés.

During a tour, I was able to stroll past the exhibited works and met Anna Maria Rozek (Head of Goypa) and Ireneusz Martyniuk (Owner of Goypa).

Well-known faces from Monaco and Poland could also be seen in the Riviera Palace, who didn’t want to miss the exhibition.

Ireneusz Martyniuk

Ireneusz Martyniuk

A total of around 80 works of art by around 40 artists from Poland and some Ukrainian artists were then shown. Thus, the event in Monaco also supported Ukraine.

The Riviera Palace with its historic architecture has been a popular hotspot for such events for more than 120 years – and offers the best panoramic view of the Principality.

Anna Maria Rozek

Anna Maria Rozek

„Some artwork was also sold in Monaco,“ reveals Anna Maria Rozek. Thus, the Poles enriched the art scene in Monaco – and want to come back soon.

Interested persons can find further information on the Gallery Of Young Polish Art from Warsaw online and up-to-date at

© Fotos: Gallery Of Young Polish Art

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