Iconic Netflix filming locations you can actually visit

Iconic Netflix filming locations you can actually visit

New research has found the iconic filming locations for popular Netflix shows that viewers can actually go and visit.

From Emily in Paris to Bridgerton, language experts at Busuu have found the Netflix filming locations where visitors can look round and explore to channel their favourite shows.

Fans of Netflix’s most-watched series, Squid Game, can visit the cornershop where Gi-hun met the old man and Bridgerton watchers can tour round the grand Georgian manor houses where the families on the show live and host their extravagant balls.

Many people may think that Netflix just uses built sets to film the most popular shows, but many fan favourites are actually shot on location.

Visitors can tour round these sites and cities to see the famous locations featured in their favourite shows for themselves.

A spokesperson for Busuu said: “There have certainly been times where we imagine ourselves within the world of our favourite Netflix shows. And luckily for us fans, there are plenty of locations you can actually visit and tour round to explore the sites where your favourite Netflix show was filmed.

“You can imagine yourself at a magnificent Bridgerton ball at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, or picture a true Emily in Paris lifestyle as you watch the world go by along the Place de l’Estrapade in the heart of the French capital, and grab a delicious pastry from the bakery she regularly visits.

“Berlin and Madrid are both cities which hosted a lot of filming for Netflix hits The Queen’s Gambit and Money Heist respectively. Berlin has some fascinating historic architecture which featured on the show and Madrid offers a walking tour of the city to stop by at all the famous locations used in Money Heist.”

Here are Busuu’s favourite Netflix locations you can actually visit:

1. Seoul, South Korea – Squid Game

Netflix K-dramas are a massive hit with viewers across the world and Squid Game tops the list of the most-watched Netflix series. The show was largely filmed on several sets in South Korea, but Seoul did feature throughout the show as the home city of Squid Game contestants. The protagonist Gi-hun’s neighbourhood was the Ssangmun-dong district.

It’s in this neighbourhood where Sang Woo’s mother has her fish stall at the Baegun Market. The marketplace does exist in real life and visitors to Seoul can take a trip over. The cornershop where Gi-hun first meets the old man is open for tourists too, found on Uicheon-ro 39-gil, shop number 11.

2. Hatfield House, Hertfordshire – Bridgerton

This grand Georgian manor house was one of the on-site filming locations for Netflix’s Bridgerton, featuring as the home of the Featheringtons. The house itself is a popular spot for other TV shows and films, and has specific open days for the public to explore around the house and its grounds.

Iconic Netflix filming locations you can actually visit

There are many other famous filming locations to visit in the UK where Bridgerton was shot – like Ranger’s House in London which hosts an impressive art collection and No.1 Royal Crescent in Bath which is also a museum dedicated to showing visitors Georgian interior and lifestyles.

3. The Place de l’Estrapade, Paris – Emily in Paris

Emily and Gabriel live in a charming building in this square which also hosts several of the famous filming locations featured throughout Emily in Paris. The Boulangerie Moderne bakery which Emily regularly buys yummy pastries from, exists in real life and is now a tourist hotspot for delicious French croissants. Gabriel’s restaurant, the ‘Les Deux Compères’, was also filmed here – but is the Terra Nera Italian restaurant in real life.

The Place de l’Estrapade itself is an attractive Parisian square with gorgeous architecture, fountains, benches and trees for Emily in Paris fans to enjoy a tranquil visit and watch the world go by.

4. Berlin, Germany – The Queen’s Gambit

Although The Queen’s Gambit is set in midwestern America, Berlin featured as a top filming location for the Netflix series. Visitors to Germany’s capital city can check out several of the sites where Beth goes to in the show.

Beth’s Cincinnati chess tournament was filmed in the grand Spandau town hall and the well-known Meistersaal chamber music hall. And Berlin’s biggest ballroom, the Palais am Messe-Funkturm, was used for the US Open scenes.

5. Plaza de Callao, Madrid – Money Heist

The hit Spanish crime thriller was filmed in several locations around Madrid. For security reasons Netflix were not allowed to film the outside of the Royal Mint of Spain, and instead used the Spanish National Research Council building in the city – although the inside is not open to the public, it is a popular spot on the city’s walking tour of all the famous sites which were featured in Money Heist.

In the centre of Madrid is the square where the Money Heist bank note shower scene was shot – Plaza de Callao. Visitors can explore what has been dubbed ‘Spain’s Times Square’ and see the real location of the Netflix filming.

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