World’s most dangerous golf courses

World’s most dangerous golf courses

As the golf season gets into full swing in the northern hemisphere thrill-seeking golfers wanting to spice things up have been told where they can head this summer.

Holiday car rental experts at have researched the eight most dangerous golf courses in some of the strangest places in the world.

Golfers brave enough to try out these courses have been warned they might need to pack more than just their peaked cap and sunscreen.

Whether it’s within a warzone or by an active volcano, golfers heading to these unusual golf courses will need to have their wits about them at all times.

John Charnock, CEO of said: „Around 60 million rounds of golf will be played while travelling for business or leisure this year.“

„But while the majority will be heading to the tried and tested courses across the US, Europe and Asia, a brave few will get their golfing kicks far away from the beaten track this year.“

„Whether it be ice golf in Greenland played at -50 degrees or by the edge of a volcano in Indonesia it is more than just the rain that can bring a round to a halt.“

„Thrill seekers only need to apply as some courses on our list are located in and around recent warzones or where there is still ongoing hostility.“

„Our advice is to think carefully before travelling, but for those that do you will have stories to tell in the clubhouse back home for years to come.“’s top eight most dangerous golf courses in the world

1. Kabul Golf Club, Afghanistan

This dirt and rock nine-holer has survived the war and the murder of one of its founders.

Those brave enough to play and survive his grim-looking grassless course will be rewarded with a story to tell like few others.

2. Camp Bonifas, North & South Korea

Located in the DMZ between North and South Korea this one-hole par three course sits next to one of the most fortified borders in the world.

It is flanked by military bunkers and is littered with unexploded mines in the rough just in case you wanted to declare your ball lost.

3. Merapi Golf Course, Indonesia

Situated at the foot of an active volcano, eruptions happen every two to three years and will at the very least bring your round to an end.

4. Uummannaq, Greenland

Players often tee up in minus-50-degree temperatures at this ice course set 600km north of the arctic circle.

Frostbite is a very real danger if you forget to pack the right attire.

5. Furnace Creek, USA

Going from one of the coldest golf courses in the world to one of the hottest, Furnace Creek lives up to its name.

Located 214 feet below sea level in the aptly named Death Valley, hardcore gofers can expect 130-degree temperatures in the summer.

6. Hans Merensky Golf Club, South Africa

Instead of hunting birdies, golfers at the Hans Merensky Golf Club can expect to be the prey as Leopards lurk in the trees and monster crocodiles lie in wait in the greenside lakes.

World’s most dangerous golf courses

In 1998 a German golfer was trampled to death by an Elephant.

7. Prison View, USA

Prison View is situated on the grounds of what is commonly considered to be the ‘bloodiest prison in America’.

As well as keeping an eye out for escaping convicts, golfers need to submit to background checks as well as have their car searched when entering and leaving the club.

8. Nullarbor Links, Australia

The sheer length and punishing conditions set Nullarbor Links apart when it comes to an energy-sapping round of golf.

Set in the barren expanse of South Australia, there are no trees to provide shelter from the baking sun around a course that stretches for 850 miles.

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