Interview with Anna Maria Rożek: A Journey in Business, Movies and Law

Interview with Anna Maria Rożek: A Journey in Business, Movies and Law

Today, we have the privilege of sitting down with Anna Maria Rożek, a distinguished legal professional and successful businesswoman, to delve into her extraordinary career.

With a background in law and an extensive portfolio of international engagements, Anna Maria has not only excelled in the legal field but has also ventured into the movie industry. Let’s explore the motivations, challenges, and achievements that have shaped her remarkable journey to an important influencer.

1. What was the motivation to start your company?

The motivation to start my company stemmed from a desire to explore new horizons beyond the legal realm.

I wanted to channel my expertise into diverse projects and industries, with a particular interest in the dynamic and creative field of filmmaking.

2. What is your education background?

I completed my law degree at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University and pursued postgraduate studies in European Union Law at the University of Warsaw.

Additionally, I graduated from the European Academy of Diplomacy with a specialization in International Organizations and furthered my education in International Business and Unfulfilled Law at the Catholic University of America in Washington, USA.

3. What is the main focus of your company?

The main focus of my company „Legal Wings“ (➡️ is to bridge the gap between legal expertise and the entertainment industry.

We aim to facilitate smooth operations and provide comprehensive support for projects within the movie industry.

Anna Maria Rożek.

Anna Maria Rożek.

4. How do you access the movie industry?

Accessing the movie industry involves building connections and understanding its unique dynamics.

Networking at international events, collaborating with industry professionals, and staying updated on industry trends have been crucial in establishing a presence in the movie business.

5. What is your company doing in the movie industry?

In the movie industry, our company engages in various aspects, from legal support for film productions to project management.

We work towards ensuring a seamless and compliant process for filmmakers, allowing them to focus on their creative endeavors.

6. Is it difficult to be a line producer?

Being a line producer comes with its challenges, especially in the movie industry where coordination and meticulous planning are vital.

However, the satisfaction of seeing a project come to fruition makes the role immensely rewarding.

7. What was your biggest challenge in running this company?

One of the significant challenges was navigating the transition from law to the entertainment industry.

Adapting to the dynamic nature of filmmaking and establishing credibility in a new field required perseverance and strategic decision-making.

Anna Maria Rożek with a film crew on set.

Anna Maria Rożek with a film crew on set.

8. Can you tell us more about your company’s focus, particularly in the movie industry?

Absolutely. While my company predominantly focuses on line production in Poland, we are strategically expanding our footprint across Europe.

Our commitment to the industry extends beyond borders, and I’m excited to share that our upcoming project, is planned to be shot in Berlin. This expansion aligns with our vision to contribute to diverse and international cinematic experiences.

This addition highlights our dedication to fostering collaboration on a broader scale and exploring opportunities beyond our home base in Poland. As the movie industry continues to evolve, we aim to be at the forefront, bringing our expertise to different corners of Europe.

9. How is your connection to the famous actors Aadhi Pinisetty and Madonna B Sebastian?

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Aadhi Pinisetty and Madonna B Sebastian for quite some time now. Our connection goes beyond professional collaborations; it’s built on mutual respect and shared visions.

Over the last years, I’ve had the opportunity to advise them in one big project in Europe, leveraging my legal background and industry insights to contribute to their successful ventures in the region.

Aadhi Pinisetty and Madonna B Sebastian are not just exceptional talents but also individuals who are deeply committed to delivering quality performances and engaging in meaningful projects.

Our collaboration is a testament to the importance of fostering strong relationships in the entertainment industry, where trust and understanding play pivotal roles in achieving shared goals. As we continue to work together, I am excited about the creative endeavors that lie ahead and the positive impact we can make in the world of cinema.

10. Given your diverse professional background and your academic pursuits, including studying art at the University of Warsaw, how does your passion for art align with your role in the movie industry?

Anna Maria: My journey into the world of art began at the University of Warsaw, where I had the privilege of studying this captivating discipline. This academic foundation, coupled with my legal background, forms the bedrock of my diverse professional portfolio.

As I navigate through the complexities of the movie industry, my passion for art serves as a guiding light, reminding me that every project is an opportunity to contribute to the rich tapestry of human expression.

The movie industry, with its blend of storytelling, visual aesthetics, and collaborative artistry, provides an incredible platform to bring ideas to life. From the screenplay to the final production, each step is an artistic journey, and my involvement as a line producer allows me to contribute to this collective masterpiece.

Artistic expression, whether in law or filmmaking, has always fueled my enthusiasm. It’s not just about facilitating the logistics of a film; it’s about being an integral part of a creative endeavor that has the potential to impact audiences on a profound level.

As I draw from my artistic studies and experiences, I find that my passion for art enriches my perspective, allowing me to approach filmmaking with a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking.


Anna Maria Rożek’s journey is a testament to her versatility and dedication, showcasing that success knows no bounds when passion and expertise converge. We thank her for sharing insights into her inspiring career.

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