Morocco confirms its leadership in North Africa

Doing Business 2018: Morocco confirms its leadership in North Africa

According to the Doing Business 2018 Report, published by the World Bank, Morocco confirms its leadership in the North African Region. The 15th edition of the report places Morocco at place 69 out of 190 countries, with 67.91 points.

The current year, notes the government, “the kingdom confirms its leadership in North Africa” before Tunisia (88th), Egypt (128th) and Algeria (166th). Moreover, the country stands in third place among the Mena countries (Middle East and North Africa), behind the Arab Emirates (21st), and Bahrain (66th) and, before, for the first time, Oman (71st).

In the African continent, the statement follows, Morocco remains third behind Mauritius (25th) and Rwanda (41th) and ahead of Botswana (81st) and South Africa (82nd). In this year report the kingdom scored 67.91 out of 100: which means, the note underlines, that is at one third of the “best performance in the world” path, thanks to the score obtained in the creation of business, payment of taxes, trans-border trade and the issuance of building permits.

On the other hand, Morocco pays a delay on the legal procedures concerning insolvency matters, debt collection and the protection of minority shareholders. At the same time, the government points out that the kingdom has maintained its position in the second best category of countries for ease of doing business around the world, explaining that the World Bank has established five categories, having the first one comprehend OECD countries.

As for the business creation indicator, the World Bank has taken into account the reduction in time to start a business matter, following the simplification of bureaucratic procedures with the use of an integrated tax system.

Regarding the taxation indicator, the report welcomes the simplification of payment procedures obtained through facilitating and generalizing electronic payment procedures for companies, of income tax and value tax in addition to contributions to social security alongside with the improvement and strengthening of on-line services.

World Bank experts also took into consideration the arguments put forward to protect minority shareholders in terms of strengthening shareholder rights and governance within companies and the need for greater transparency.

Foto: Unsplash, CCO Public Domain

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