These beauty brands boom on second-hand product sites

These beauty brands boom on second-hand product sites

Whether your favorite is Vinted, Depop or eBay, there’s no denying that selling sites have surged in popularity over the past few years. It’s easy to see why; they offer the perfect way to make money from your unwanted items, while offering buyers the chance to shop more sustainably.

Everything from second-hand clothing to new beauty products are up for sale, but how do you know which items will be your bestsellers?

In an analysis, Tajmeeli reveals which beauty brands are most in-demand on reselling sites.

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Whether you’re a buyer looking for a great deal on your favorite cosmetics or a seller looking to clear out your unwanted and unused items, our findings make for essential reading.

Dior, Avon & Chanel are the beauty brands with the most available products on Vinted

Of all the beauty brands we analyzed, Dior, Avon and Chanel had the highest number of listings on Vinted. As of July 2022, these were the five most available cosmetics brands on the selling site:

However, it’s worth noting that brand terms account for all products within the range. Therefore, the data for premium brands Dior and Chanel may be slightly inflated, as it could include items for sale from the brands’ broader fashion ranges.

Dior, Chanel and MAC are the most sought after beauty brands on Vinted

As well as the number of product listings for each brand, we also looked at the number of followers each beauty brand has on Vinted. This indicates which brands are most sought after on the site, as by following the brand, users are notified when new product listings are added.

On Vinted, there are 152,100 fans of Dior, 151,200 followers of Chanel and 124,300 MAC Cosmetics fans.

Although some Dior and Chanel fans may not specifically be following the brands’ beauty range, the top three are way ahead of the other beauty brands we analyzed. In comparison, fourth place Givenchy and fifth place Lancôme have 51,800 and 44,000 fans respectively.

If you do have cosmetics from the above brands sitting in your cupboard, there could potentially be an army of beauty fans ready to buy your unwanted items.

Skinny Tan, Nip + Fab and Baylis & Harding could be slow sellers on Vinted

For the beauty brands we analyzed, we calculated how many products are available per follower on Vinted.

It’s bad news if you’re hoping to sell unwanted Skinny Tan, Nip + Fab or Baylis & Harding beauty items. The three brands had the lowest number of fans vs. available products, suggesting that products may take longer to sell due to decreased demand.

For every follower of Skinny Tan on Vinted, there are a staggering 68 products! Likewise, Nip + Fab has 64 products per fan, while Baylis & Harding takes third place with 50 products per follower.

CoverGirl, MAC and Urban Decay products could sell fastest on Vinted

At the opposite end of the scale, CoverGirl, MAC and Urban Decay have the fewest number of available products on Vinted compared to the number of fans on the platform. This means buyers could face stiff competition to secure their must-have cosmetics.

Topping the list is CoverGirl; our calculations reveal there is the equivalent of 0.2 products available per fan! In second place is MAC with 0.7 products per follower, closely followed by Urban Decay with 0.8 available.

Photo: These beauty brands boom on second-hand product sites

For sellers, this demand could create a lucrative market for them to make some cash from their unwanted cosmetics.

How much can you make from selling your unwanted cosmetics?

Now we know which brands are the most in demand, how much could you stand to make from selling your unwanted beauty items? Using, we’ve compiled a list of the average selling prices.

Although the prices represent the average sold prices for new items specifically on eBay, the data gives a good indication of how much can be made across selling platforms.

The Average Selling Price of Beauty Brands on ($)

Topping the list is GHD with an average selling price of $105.29. This is perhaps unsurprising, when you consider the higher price point of the hair styling tools. In second place is Bath & Body Works with an average resale price of $44.45.

Interestingly, Bath & Body Works products have a slightly higher price tag than third place premium beauty brand, Chanel ($43.86).

As our research shows, there’s a growing demand for buying and selling cosmetics online. However, selling platforms usually have their own regulations for what can and can’t be sold online.

For example, Vinted requires beauty products to be in a new and unused condition. It’s always worth checking out the terms and conditions of your chosen selling site before you list.

Why not dig into your beauty bag and see which cosmetics you can turn into cash?


The number of product listings and followers for each brand was taken from Vinted. The number of products represents all products listed under each brand. Figures may be inflated by listings outside of beauty products e.g. fashion items.

Average selling price of products from different beauty brands was found using Figures are based on the average price of the last 200 items sold on Prices are in dollars.

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