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Why you can book an advertorial with Sierks Media and on without hesitation – discover all the advantages here.


If you’re looking for a way to promote your brand online and reach your audience, an advertorial on can be a worthwhile investment.

On this page, we will transparently explain why you should take advantage of this opportunity and what benefits it offers.

What is an advertorial?

An advertorial is visually similar to an editorial article but is created by an advertiser and contains an advertising message.

Unlike an advertisement, an advertorial is published on a website like a regular article.

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However, it is legally labeled as advertising for readers‘ clarity and is paid for by advertisers.

Why by Sierks Media and owner Jan-Christopher Sierks is a renowned online magazine that has published thousands of articles on various lifestyle topics.

The website is known for its high-quality content and large readership. By publishing your advertorial on, you can present your brand to a wide audience.

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The online magazine has high domain authority and is well-rated by search engines like Google.

This allows you to benefit from high visibility and strengthen your online presence.

Advantages of an advertorial on

1. Increased Credibility

As is known for its high-quality content, publishing an advertorial on the website increases the credibility of your product and brand.

When your offer is recommended by a trustworthy medium like here at Sierks Media, it enhances the trust of potential customers in your company.

2. Better search engine ranking

By publishing your advertorial on, you receive a high-quality backlink from a trusted website.

Backlinks are an important factor for search engine ranking as they increase the authority and relevance of your website.

A backlink from helps to place your website higher in search results.

3. Reaching the target audience has a broad readership and covers a variety of topics. By publishing an advertorial on the website, you can effectively reach your target audience.

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You can be sure that your message is read by people interested in your products or brand.

4. Strong domain for 20 years

The domain has been online as an internet address for about 20 years. Domains with a long-standing and positive history are generally positively evaluated in key factors.

As an official news source, Sierks Media with can thus boast a good ranking and recurring visitors.

5. Attractive promotional prices

Ask us about promotional prices. The list price for an advertorial is 950,- euros, net. However, we can regularly offer promotions or quantity discounts.

You can easily get current offers and options via the contact details below.


Publishing an advertorial on offers an excellent opportunity to promote your brand and reach a wider audience.

By associating with a trustworthy medium like, you can increase your credibility, improve your search engine ranking, and effectively distribute your message.

An advertorial on is a long-term rewarding and easily discoverable investment in your online marketing strategy.

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